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Situation Comedies

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Trippers Day / Slinger's Day
Leonard Rossiter's Last sit com which became Slinger's Day with Bruce Forsyth - Directed by Michael Mills / Tony Parker.

The Bill
ITV - shot in and around Merton, Surrey.

Titmus Regained
ITV - John Mortimer's trilogy starring Kristin Scott Thomas, David Thelfall and Directed by Martin Friend.

Under the Hammer
ITV - New Penny Productions film series starring Richard Wilson and Directed by David Tucker and Bob Tronson.  Shot London, New York and Moscow.

Rumpole of the Bailey
ITV - 35 x 1 hr episodes of John Mortimer's highly successful legal series starring Leo McKern.

Many more - call 01647 231465 / email for further details or to discuss your production.